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7 things about...Eva Barrett

The second in a new series of informal staff profiles. 7 questions: 4 about the person's work life and 3 about them outside work. Get to know the IS Applications team a little better!

Image of Eva Barrett in her office
Eva Barrett

What do you do in Apps?

I was thrilled to be offered a 2 year secondment to IS Applications as their Business Admin Manager from the 31st Oct 2016.

What does that involve, day to day?

As Business Admin Manager for Apps I am part of the IS Applications senior team. Having only been here a couple of weeks I hope to gain first hand exposure to delivering professional services to Applications and delivering on IS Apps operational and strategic priorities, in addition to engaging further with the IS Change Programme.

What’s been your proudest moment with Apps?

Meeting so many friendly staff who have gone out of their way to make me feel one of the team.

image of someone rock climbing

What did you do before you joined IS?

Previously I was the Business Administrator in IT Infrastructure at Kings Buildings.

What’s the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?

I love going to the UoE Pleasance Gym and giving the treadmill some serious attitude. Nobody at work recognises me there because I transform into a pink sweaty mess….with a big smile on my face.

What would be your desert island luxury?

Sunscreen factor 50 or a spear to catch fish.

Camping or a nice warm bed (and why)?

Camping wins every time. I go rock climbing at in the UK (Lake District) and abroad (Joshua Tree, Red Rocks and the Dolomites) and there is nothing quite as wonderful as crawling into your tent after a hard day’s rock climbing and gazing up at the stars. Now that’s what life is about!