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Managed Quarantine Support - 2021-2022 academic session

We are delighted to be providing financial support for managed hotel quarantine. This is open to both new and continuing students joining us for the 2021-2022 academic year.

We do not want the costs of managed hotel quarantine to be a barrier to your being in Edinburgh for the academic year.    

This fund has now closed as the 31st of August at 5pm deadline has now passed and we are unable to accept any further applications. 



UPDATE - 23 September - Receiving funds

You will be contacted after 31 October where we will request any outstanding documentation and to provide your UK bank account details.  We will not be able to pay to international bank accounts

What support is available

Our funding support will provide up to the full costs of the managed hotel quarantine (currently £2,285) depending on your circumstances and needs.

Your application and the amount of funding you may receive will be assessed based on your financial situation. We will share more details about what evidence you will need to provide when the fund opens. 

Testing costs not covered

We will only be supporting those needing to enter formal, managed quarantine. We will not be able to support costs related to tests which all travellers are required to take from amber and green list countries.

If you do need support for these costs, we have a range of hardship funds available to support anyone in unexpected financial hardship which will open in semester 1.

Hardship funding available

Who is eligible

You are eligible for funding if you:

  • are a continuing student or hold a Conditional Firm or Unconditional Firm offer 
  • are domiciled in a country which remains on the UK red list and are required to book and pay for managed isolation in a quarantine hotel, in line with UK government regulations
  • arrive by the 1st of October 2021 if you are a PGT or UG student or the 31st of October 2021 if you are a PGR student. 

In order to be eligible for this funding you must be able to demonstrate that you fulfil the UKVI requirements for financially supporting your studies, including tuition fees and living costs.  If you cannot provide evidence of this at this time, you will be asked to provide evidence of this closer to the time of departure, before an award can be made. Applications from students who cannot provide evidence of this will be rejected.

UKVI red list countries

We are only able to provide support for students. We are unable to provide support for family members.

Update - 5th August 2021

In line with the changes made by the United Kingdom government on managed quarantine requirements which take effect from 4am 8th August 2021, we will communicate with those who have made applications for support and no longer need to quarantine, including those domiciled in Bahrain, India, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates. Please review the government webpages to adjust your current managed quarantine booking as required under the regulations.

UKVI red list updates  

We will welcome applications from those domiciled in countries added to the red list from 4am 8th August 2021, including Georgia, Mayotte, Mexico and Reunion, under the current framework detailed on the webpages.

Update - 9th August 2021

The cost of managed quarantine bookings will increase to £2,285 from 4am 12th August 2021, we will support up to this value for those have received a provisional approval for support and yet to make their booking. 

UKVI Managed Quarantine updates  

Update - 27th August 2021

We will welcome applications, from those domiciled in countries added to the red list from from 4am on Monday 30 August, including Thailand and Montenegro.  Students must have  have already requested a CAS to be considered for assistance .  We will follow the current framework detailed on the webpages.   Please note the closing date for applications is 31 August 2021. 5pm GMT.


When to apply

You will be able to submit your application to the University between 15 July 2021 to 31 August 2021.  The fund has been extended until 5pm GMT on the 31st August 2021 - provided you have already requested your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).  

For those yet to apply for their visa, please contact the Student Immigration Service

Application requirements

During the application process, you will be required to provide supporting evidence.  We realise you may not have all supporting documents in place, such as, flight tickets, you can add to your application after the closing date. 

Bank statements

  • Statements must be provided for all of your bank accounts from the last 8 weeks up until the recent month. This includes PayPal, Monzo, UK and overseas accounts.

    • Bank account(s) must be in your (the student's) name. We cannot accept applications if you do not hold a bank account in your name, including if you use parental accounts/credit cards to pay for living expenses.
  • Bank statements must be provided in PDF format and must show the account holder name, account number, transaction details and running balance. Screenshots cannot be accepted.

Evidence of funding for the 2021-2022 academic session 

  • A copy of your student loan, scholarship, or bursary award letter for the 2021-2022 academic session.
  • You will be required to provide the documentation provided to UKVI to evidence your ability to support your studies and any additional bank statement to show the funds you have available to you. We are not able to make an assessment until we have details of how you are paying your tuition and supporting living costs which aligns with your Tier 4 visa requirements. 

Travel and quarantine information

We appreciate there may be circumstances which prevent you from confirming your flight and hotel details in first instance. Please continue to complete all other information as far as you are able and submit your application. You will receive a reminder to submit additional relevant information at a later date, if applicable.

  • A copy of your flight ticket, from your departure point to the UK. This must clearly show you name.
  • Your hotel isolation receipt clearly showing your name, start and end date of quarantine.

Receiving funds

You will receive an outcome by 12th September 2021, confirming if your application has been successful and the amount of financial support you will receive (up to £2,285). Please ensure you are aware of arrival deadlines as part of your planning.

If successful, you will have funds reimbursed to your UK bank account once you have started your programme of study after the 31st of October 2021. More details on this will follow with your application outcome to confirm receipts and UK bank account details. 

Have a question about the process?

Continuing students

Contact us through EdHelp

New students

Contact us at

Further information

International travel to the United Kingdom

Advice and guidance on travel from the Scottish Government


What if I am from a country that is no longer on the red list but I have paid for a managed quarantine booking?

We encourage all those who are in countries which no longer on the red list (related to changes made from the 8th of August 2021) and have a managed quarantine booking to cancel as soon as possible. The terms and conditions of the booking do state a £200 fee will be charged. We will support students have received provisional approval for managed quarantine funding where they have previously been on a red list country. You will be asked to provide a receipt and payment will be made upon start of the programme to a UK bank account after the 31st of October 2021.

The price of managed hotel quaratine increased as of the 12th of August 2021, I have been accepted for funding at the old rate.

We will honor the price increase for all partial and full payments, we will not issue new award notifications but will confirm the date of managed hotel quaratine booking when you supply receipts once requested at payment stage after the 31st of October 2021.


What if I disagree with the assessment of my application?

If you disagree with the decision reached you are entitled to request a review of your application. Reviews should be sent to with the subject "Request for Managed Quarantine Review"

Reviews should be requested in writing, clearly stating the grounds for appeal and, where appropriate, supplying additional documentary evidence to support the review process.  Please also ensure you supply your original call number.  All requests for review must be received within 5 days of the date of the original decision letter. 

When will I receive the outcome of my review

In order to prioritise the processing of application we will not review your application until after 12th September 2021.