Scholarships and Student Funding

Programmes not covered by the Alumni Scholarships

The following postgraduate programmes of study are excluded from the Alumni Scholarships as the tuition fee rate is set in consultation with an external body or we jointly teach or deliver the programme in collaboration with another institution.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, College of

Divinity, School of

  • Theology and Religious Studies GradDip

Economics, School of

  • Economics MSc
  • Economics (Econometrics) MSc
  • Economics (Finance) MSc

Edinburgh College of Art

  • Architecture MArch
  • Urban Strategies and Design MSc

Education, School of

  • Education PGDE
  • Leadership & Learning MEd
  • Transformative Learning & Teaching MSc

Law, School of

  • Professional Legal Practice PGDip
  • Law (LLB Ord) (Graduate Entry)

Literatures and Languages, School of

  • Chinese Studies MCS
  • Middle Eastern Studies with Arabic MSc
  • Middle Eastern Studies with Advanced Arabic MSc
  • Scottish Culture and Heritage PG Certificate

Social and Political Studies, School of

  • International Relations of the Middle East MSc
  • International Relations of the Middle East with Arabic MSc
  • International Relations of the Middle East with Advanced Arabic MSc

Medicine & Veterinary Medicine, College of

Clinical Sciences, School of

  • Internal Medicine MSc/Dip/Cert
  • Critical Care MSc/Dip/Cert
  • Transfusion, Transplantation and Tissue Banking MSc

Dental Institute

  • Dentistry (ALL postgraduate programmes)

Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences, School of

  • Family Medicine MFM

Veterinary Studies, School of

  • Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare MSc
  • Applied Conservation Genetics with Wildlife Forensics PgCert, PgDip, PgProfDev and MSc

  • Applied Poultry Science PgCert, PgDip, PgProfDev and MSc
  • Global Food Security and Nutrition PgCert, PgDip, PgProfDev and MSc
  • International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law PgCert, PgDip, PgProfDev and MSc

Science & Engineering, College of

Biological Sciences, School of

  • Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants PgCert, PgDip and MSc

Chemistry, School of

  • Computational Chemistry and Modelling PgCert

Engineering, School of

  • Fire Safety Engineering (Erasmus Mundus) MSc

Geosciences, School of

  • Ecological Economics MSc
  • Environmental Protection and Management MSc
  • Food Security MSc
  • Petroleum GeoScience MSc
  • Soils & Sustainability MSc
  • Sustainable Plant Health MSc

Informatics, School of

  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems MSc and PhD

Mathematics, School of

  • Mathematical Analysis and its Applications PhD
  • Financial Mathematics MSc (run jointly with Heriot-Watt)