Scholarships and Student Funding

Disputes, appeals and fraudulent applications

We hope that your application process goes as smoothly as possible. If you have any issues with our decisions, we have a dispute and appeals procedure that you can follow. If we discover that your application or any documents you provide us are fraudulent, we will investigate.

Urgent Reminder for Disabled Students Allowance

The deadline for applying to the Student Awards Agency Scotland for Disabled Students Allowance for the academic year 2023-24 is March 31st, 2024. DLSS must assess students before this deadline. Students have the option to visit the Health and Wellbeing Centre in Bristo Square for a brief drop-in appointment with one of our Disability and Inclusion Officers who can assist with the DSA application process. Alternatively, student can contact DLSS to schedule an appointment, which can be conducted via Teams or in-person. It's important to note that disabled students who are not eligible for SAAS funding may still qualify for DSA or equivalent support from other funding sources. For guidance and advice, please reach out to DLSS

Disputes and appeals

If you disagree with the decision reached, you have the right to request a review of your application.

To initiate the review process, please email your review request to

Clearly state the grounds for appeal and, if applicable, provide additional documentary evidence.

When to appeal

Financial support for all students - within 14 days of receiving your decision

Childcare fund - within 14 days of receiving your decision.

Nursing fund - within 14 days of receiving your decision.

Learning opportunity fund - within 5 days of receiving your decision.

Participation fund - within 5 days of receiving your decision.


Meeting in person

Once we receive your review request, we will arrange an in-person meeting with the Scholarships and Student Funding Services Manager. You can present any relevant information not included in your original application.

Complete the following financial planning documents before your meeting

  1. Budget Planner - A free online budget planning tool available at MoneyHelper.
  2. Bill Prioritiser - Helps you determine which debts or bills are of utmost importance, available at MoneyHelper.

After the meeting, all the information you provided will be considered, and a decision will be sent via email.


Individuals seeking to appeal decisions regarding the Participation and Learning Opportunity Fund are encouraged to reach out to Please note that the appeal process may differ from the one outlined earlier.

Final appeal

If you are still unhappy with the review's outcome, you can appeal in writing to the Head of Service. They will handle the final appeal. Tell us clearly how you believe an incorrect decision has been made. The final decision will be sent in writing within 28 working days.

We are happy to go through our assessment of your application, which is made against the framework and within Scottish Government regulations. We are audited annually to ensure we have appropriately dispersed funds. 

If you are still not satisfied with the service you have received, consider reviewing the University Complaint Handling procedure.


Fraudulent applications

If we suspect you have submitted a fraudulent application or supporting document,  or if you neglect to declare any sources of income or savings,  we will investigate. The matter will be addressed within regulations 12.4 of the Student Code of Conduct 

If it is decided that your application is fraudulent, you have to pay back your award in full.  



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