Scholarships and Student Funding

Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences awards

Awards are available for undergraduates and postgraduates.


Gillian Birrell Prize

A prize is awarded for the best undergraduate dissertation in Psychology.

Robert Sproat Birch Prize

A prize is awarded, for the purchase of books, to a good student in Psychology Honours classes who, preferably, has interests in Christian or humanitarian work and the clinical field.

Ailie Donald Memorial Prize

A prize is awarded annually for the best second year single Honours English Language student going on to study the subject at Honours level.

Bruce of Grangehill Prizes

Prizes are awarded annually on the recommendation of the Head of Philosophy to the most distinguished students in Logic and Metaphysics.

Daniel Garrad Prize

A prize is awarded for distinction in Philosophy of Science, on the recommendation of the department of Philosophy.

James Grant Memorial Prize

A prize is awarded for the best essay by a Junior Honours student in Mental Philosophy or Joint Honours with Philosophy on a topic of Moral Philosophy.

Simon Gray Prize in Philosophy

A prize is awarded annually on the nomination of the Professor of Moral Philosophy for the most distinguished work in class essays or similar exercises in one or more of the First classes in Philosophy.

The prize money may be divided to provide two or more prizes.

Matthew Green Memorial Prize

A prize is awarded to the student who scored the highest marks in second year Psychology degree examinations.

James MacFarlane Prize

A prize is awarded to a student in the Junior Honours Philosophy class, who is studying either for Mental Philosophy Honours or for one of the Joint Honours degrees for which Philosophy is a main component.

The award will be made to the writer of the best essay submitted for the prize: either on a topic related to one of the Honours options in philosophy currently being studied, or where an Honours option is not being taken, on a topic set specifically for this prize.

Patterson Prize

A prize is awarded annually for the best Final Honours paper in Old English Language.

James Seth Prize

A prize is awarded annually on the basis of such competition as the Professor of Moral Philosophy may decide to the most distinguished student in Moral Philosophy 1.

Skirving Prizes

A number of prizes are awarded to fund students of Moral Philosophy in the department of Philosophy, who perform with special excellence in any of the courses form the second level (Philosophy 2Bh) to Honours (Moral and Political Philosophy).

James Hutchison Stirling Prize

A prize is awarded annually to the best student studying for the degree of MA with Honours in Philosophy who has attended a second course in Philosophy, but who is not yet in his or her final year.


Horslie-Hill Bursaries

Awarded to two students entering their third year for the MA degree on the basis of class work.

The bursaries are awarded to different subject areas on a rotational basis.


The Derek Britton Scholarship

One scholarship available to an undergraduate student entering their second year of a single honours dergee in Linguistics and/or English Language.

The Derek Britton Scholarship


J Warren Macalpine Scholarship

A scholarship is awarded to assist students registered for the degree of PhD in subjects of Philosophy.

Preference will be given to students with an interest in Aesthetics.


Shaw Philosophical Fellowship

Open to applications from Masters of Arts students of any Scottish University of not more than three years' standing and undergraduates who are proceeding to graduation as Master of Arts in the year of award.

The Fellowship may be awarded after consideration of the quality of work done by the applicants as undergraduates and in any subsequent study of Philosophy.

All candidates must be undertaking postgraduate study at the University of Edinburgh.