Scholarships and Student Funding

Medical Research Council (MRC) DTP in Precision Medicine

The University of Edinburgh receives a doctoral training award to support a 4-year PhD programme in Precision Medicine from the Medical Research Council.

This programme will support research training at the interfaces between biological, clinical, societal and computational disciplines and is being run jointly by the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. All students will be trained in the core disciplines of informatics, data science and statistics with opportunities to undertake cross-disciplinary skills training in imaging and other methods. Research Projects available to students on the DTP will be advertised, applications considered and selected candidates invited for interview.


Full Tuition Fees; Stipend at UKRI rate £18,622;  Additional Programme Costs £5,000p.a.; Travel and conference expenses £300p.a.


The deadline for applications for this scholarship is the 15th January 2024.  

Further information

Further information available at Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme.