Scholarships and Student Funding

Loan Key Dates and Disbursement Information

Key dates for US Loan disbursements.

*** Please note, if you are expecting to receive any surplus funds, the timings of this can range from early morning until late afternoon depending on the banking institution. If you have not received any surplus funds within 24 hours of your disbursement date as noted on your Award Letter, please do get in touch ***


Semester 1  
21st August 2023 - deadline for completing requirements 7th August 2023  
20th September 2023 - deadline for completing requirements 6th September 2023  
27th September 2023 - deadline for completing requirements 13th September 2023  
10th October 2023 - deadline for completing requirements 26th September 2023  


Semester 2

22nd January 2024 - deadline for completing requirements 2nd January 2024

20th February 2024 - deadline for completing requirements 6th February 2024
11th March  2024 - deadline for completing requirements 26th February 2024
9th May 2024 - deadline for completing requirements 25th April 2024
12th June  2024 - deadline for completing requirements 29th May 2024


Please note, the above disbursement dates are subject to programme of study.

You MUST complete the following in order to receive your loan disbursement on the scheduled date:

  • accept US Loan Terms and Conditions
  • enter UK bank details on the Convera Platform
  • the loan borrower of the Parent PLUS loan provide consent for surplus funds to be refunded to you (if applicable)
  • complete online registration and accept the University's regulations
  • have your School confirm your attendance on your student record

If all the above are not met by 14 days before your disbursement date, your disbursement will be re-scheduled to the next available date.


Disbursement of Funds

  • Direct, Graduate PLUS, or Parent PLUS loans are disbursed in installments and the dates of these installments will depend on your loan period, programme of study and also when you make an application.
  • Loan funds which are not required for tuition fees will normally be passed to the student in pounds sterling for living expenses. Please note all Federal Aid will be disbursed directly to the University before any surplus funds are paid to yourself. 
  • All students with a US loan (Federal and Private loan) are required to sign up to a direct deposit service offered through Convera which allows payment directly to a UK bank account
  • If you do not submit UK bank details this will delay your disbursement.
  • Please refer to the Convera guide for assistance with the enrollment process.

Example Disbursement Installments

  • Examples below are based on students whose programme starts or progresses in September.
  • If students have additional borrowings approved during the loan period the additional funds will also be disbursed in installments based on the installment dates of the original loan.
  • Each loan disbursement will be applied towards the payment of your tuition fees that you have requested in your Cost of Attendance and you must make arrangements to pay the balance of your fees either in full or following the University’s standard installment payment plan. Further information on the payment of tuition fees and installment plans can be obtained from the Finance Office website.

Undergraduate Students (excluding Veterinary Medicine)

  • Funds will be disbursed in September and January.

Undergraduate Veterinary Medicine Students

  • 1st year GEP students: funds will be disbursed in August and February
  • All other Undergraduate Veterinary Medicine Students: funds will be disbursed in September and February.

Taught Postgraduate Students

  • MSc/MCouns- Funds will be disbursed in September, January and May. 
  • MFA/MLA/MSc TLT/LLB (GEP)/MArch (GEP)- Funds will be disbursed in September and January. 
  • MSW- Funds will be disbursed in September and February.

Research Postgraduate Students

  • Funds will be disbursed in September and March.

Payment of Tuition Fees