Scholarships and Student Funding

A-Z List of Prizes and Awards

A full A to Z list of Prizes and Awards available to enrolled students.

Iain Isdale Hird Prize

IEE Prize

IEEE Communications Society Prize

IEEE Project Prize in Telecommunications

Institute of Mechanical Engineering Project Prize

Institution of Chemical Engineers Scottish Branch Prize

Institution of Civil Engineers Prize

Institution of Structural Engineers Prize

Imke Schutte Memorial Prize

Isaac Howitt Art Teacher Award

J Warren Macalpine Scholarship

J Williamson Memorial Prize

J.S. Anderson Organ Scholarship

James T Baxter Memorial Prize

James Carruthers Memorial Prize

James Craig Howie Memorial Prize

James Elliot Prize (English Literature)

James Elliot Prize (Scottish History)

James H Fenton Scholarship

James Grant Memorial Prize

James Hutchison Stirling Prize

James Littlejohn Prize

James MacFarlane Prize

James Murray Brown Vacation Scholarship

James Seth Prize

James Smart Memorial Organ Scholarship

James Ward Memorial Prize

Janet Buckley Memorial Prize

Janet S Christie Bequest Award

Jean Helen Macleod Prize

Jeremiah Dalziel Prize in British History

Jim Howe Prizes

Jock Macandrew Scholarship

John Craigie Cunningham Prize

John Hastie Law Scholarship

John Lang Scholarship

John McKenzie Newton Prize

John Orr Research Award

John Robert Mackay Piano Scholarship

John W Oliver Memorial Fund Prize

Kelland Memorial Prize

Kenneth Leighton Memorial Scholarship

Kenneth Little Prize

Kevin Clarke Memorial Prize

Lanfine Bursaries

Lanfine Bursary

Law Society of Scotland Prizes

Lawley Memorial Prize

Lehman Brothers Prize

Lewis Edwards Memorial Prize

Lodsdon Prize

Logie Robertson Memorial Prizes

London Brick Company

Lord President Cooper Memorial Prize

Lorimer Scholarship in International Law

Lothian Prize

Louis Cohen Endowment Prize

M D Legge Prize