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Postgraduate Research students

The University provides funding to support postgraduate research students in hardship. The funding is available to support continuing PhD and MSc by Research of all fee statuses. The fund is focused on providing short-term living support.

About this fund

We've been granted a limited funding  to assist eligible students. Applications will be reviewed until we utilise the allocated funds. Funds are limited and we will assess for living costs only, awards will be in the range of £100 to £300 to ensure that we can support as many students as possible. Once depleted, the fund will be closed

This page contains the key information that must be read fully before applying. Incorrect or missing information will delay your application. 

When to apply

Applications have now closed as of Wednesday 13th March 2024 and we are no longer accepting applications as the funds have been exhausted. 


Who is the fund for? 

In order to be considered, you must: 

  • Matriculated PhD or MSc by Research student of any fee status
  • You commenced your studies between 1 September 2019 and 31 July 2023  (students who commenced studies in academic year 2023/24 are not eligible for this fund).   
  • Have yet to submit your thesis
  • Have been impacted by Covid, please use the personal statement to detail impact 
  • Have not applied for or are not in receipt of extended stipend 
  • Assistance is available to those who are fully matriculated and making good academic progress 

Welfare Advisors at the EUSA Advice Place are available to answer your questions and provide support for your application. We recommend contacting a Welfare Advisor before completing the form  Advice Place Contacts.

Who isn’t eligible for this fund? 

  • Students who commenced studies in academic session 2023/24.
  • You receive parental support. 
  • You are a visiting or exchange student - please seek support from their home institutions. 
  • Your programme of study is a joint degree where the University of Edinburgh is not the lead institution.

What can I get help with? 

You may be eligible for support if you struggle to manage your basic living costs.  

What costs are supported? 

  • shortfalls in living costs 

  • debts that threaten your home or access to essential services 

  • unexpected or emergency cost

What doesn’t qualify for support? 

  • tuition fees 

  • travel costs for study abroad 

  • support with flight

  • non-essential debts  

  • anticipated costs

Speak to someone 

Before applying for support, discuss your situation with the Welfare Advisors at the Students’ Association’s Advice Place.  They can advise you on your application and help you access additional support. 

The Advice Place 


The application form sites within EdHelp. You will need your University login to access the form. 

Documents required 

  • Any documentation that supports the information you provide in your personal statement. 

  • 8 weeks  of statements from all the bank accounts you hold up to the application date , including digital savings accounts, ISAs, cryptocurrency, digital assets, social media wallets, overseas accounts and shared accounts.  This includes WeChat, Alipay and Webo.

  • 8 weeks of statements from all the bank accounts your spouse or a partner you live with holds, up to the application date. 

    • If applicants are holding money for friends or family - this will be treated as your own available funds

  • Evidence of any income your receive, pay-slips, funding, or student loan award letters. 

  • Evidence of any debt you have, credit card statements or default letters. 

  • A copy of your lease if you rent. 

  • Proof of your mortgage or rent costs. 

  • Evidence of childcare costs you pay. 

Screenshots will not be accepted. Please supply full digital statements or documents, preferably PDFs. Scans of paper documents are also acceptable.

Bank statements should be dated within a week of your application and show the:

  • account holder name 
  • account number 
  • transaction details 
  • current balance. 

Assessment will begin once all documentation is received, if there is any gaps this will delay your application.  You will receive an automated email with a 'call number', we will use this number to track your application should you wish to get in touch. 

If you are successful, we will pay to your nominated bank account please use this link to add the details:   Finance - Add or Amend My Email Address or Bank Details on My Student Record - Self-Service Portal (

Information we will ask you for 

  • your fee status 

  • your family situation, partner, dependents and children 

  • your residency situation 

  • a personal statement explaining why you need financial support 

  • sources of funding you receive 

  • your living situation 

  • your financial situation and any debts you might have 

  • your UK bank account details 

  • how many instalments you would like to be paid in. 

Applications have now closed as of Wednesday 13th March 2024 and we are no longer accepting applications as the funds have been exhausted. 

Next Steps

When you submit your application, we will email you a call number. Quote this number when you contact us. 

Getting a decision 

We can receive up to 1,000 applications per year. We do our best to assess applications as quickly as possible. We start assessing your application once all your documentation has been received. Collect all the required documents before starting your application for a faster decision.  

You will receive an email about our decision.

Your first payment will be transferred to your nominated UK bank account within 10 days, provided your bank details have been added. 

How is my application assessed? 

With limited funds, we must assess which students most need our help.  

Priority groups 

Priority will be given to students who are: 

  • lone parent 

  • care leavers/care experienced 

  • students estranged from their parents or guardians. 

We evaluate how much money you have in income and savings and how much you spend on essential and non-essential expenses. If you have a shortfall, you may qualify for an award.  


Circumstances that may affect your application

Awards will be reduced or refused in the following circumstances: 

  • Student loans – You have not applied for your full income-based student loan (if you are eligible). 

  • Savings - You have sufficient money available to you in savings. 

  • Non-essential overspending - You spend more than £500 per month on non-essential expenses such as takeaways, alcohol, eating out, clothing or recreation/entertainment. 

  • Gambling - You spend £100 or more per month on gambling 


Disputes, appeals and fraudulent applications

We hope that your application process goes as smoothly as possible. If you have any issues with our decisions, we have a dispute and appeals procedure that you can follow. If we discover that your application or any documents you provide us are fraudulent, we will investigate.

Disputes, appeals and fraudulent applications




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