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Postgraduate Loans (PGL) (Northern Ireland)

The Northern Ireland government offers postgraduate loans to UK Nationals (and those with settled status in the UK) who have most recently been resident in Northern Ireland.

Loans are available for postgraduate Masters, Diploma and Certificate programmes.

Students from Northern Ireland


The Northern Ireland government have not yet announced the funding available to postgraduate students in 2021/22 and the information given below is for 2020/21 academic session.


Award Method of Study Duration

Tuition Fee Loan – students starting 2020/21

Masters -Taught and Research Full-time 1 year Up to £5,500
Masters -Taught and Research Full-time 2 years Up to £5,500 over 2 years
Masters -Taught and Research Part-time 2 years Up to £5,500 over 2 years
Masters -Taught and Research Part-time 3 years Up to £5,500 over 3 years
Masters -Taught and Research Part-time intermittent (ICL)

2-6 years

Not available
PG Diploma Full-time 1 year Up to £5,500
PG Diploma Part-time 2 years Up to £5,500 over 2 years
PG Certificate Full-time 1 year Up to £5,500


  • you must be a UK national (or have settled status) and been ordinarily resident in the UK and Islands for three years on the first day of the first academic year of your degree programme;
  • you must be 'ordinarily resident' in Northern Ireland (temporary absence from your home address, such as for education or travelling, will not prevent you from being eligible to apply for a PGL);


You can apply online at Student Finance Northern Ireland

You will need to submit a loan application for each academic year of your course.

You can submit an application no later than 9 months after the first day of the academic year of your programme.


Payments will be released after you have registered on your degree programme and the University has confirmed your attendance to  the Student Loan Company (SLC).

Payments will be made direct to the University in three instalments per academic year.


For Northern Ireland domiciled students Plan 1 repayment terms apply to the PG TFL.


Student Finance Northern Ireland Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan Guide