Scholarships and Student Funding

Funding for Repeat Year Students

Information on funding for repeat year of undergraduate study.

Students from Scotland

If you are eligible for student support from SAAS, you have an extra year (known as +1) of full support available for:

Extra Year (known as +1)

  • An academic repeat year
  • A medical or compassionate repeat year
  • An intercalated year (for those that study medicine or dentistry)
  • A change of course

Therefore if you have to repeat a year of your course, you can use your +1 entitlement to get full support (tuition fee, loan, bursary and grant support) in your repeat year. SAAS don’t need any supporting evidence to explain why you have to repeat the year.

Registered with Attendance

This applies if you are repeating a year of study and attending part-time -perhaps only repeating one semester or less than 80 credits. In this scenario you can;

  • either apply to SAAS for loan and living cost grant support (but you will not receive bursary support or tuition fee costs )
  • or you can use your +1 entitlement (and you will receive full support)

Students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland

You are normally eligible for student support for the length of your course plus one extra year. However this may be reduced if you have received support for previous study.

If you have any queries about the support you will receive in your repeat year of study, you should contact your awarding body for advice.