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Lone Parents' Grant and Lone Parents' Childcare Grant

Information on the Lone Parents' Grant and Lone Parents' Childcare Grant for Scottish undergraduate students.

Lone Parents' Grant


Undergraduate students from Scotland who are lone parents with at least one dependant child can apply to the Students Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) for the Lone Parents' Grant.

The Lone Parents' Grant provides a grant of £1,305 in 2023-2024. Or, you may receive extra allowances against your income.

Further information can be found on the SAAS website.

Students Awards Agency for Scotland website

Students from England, Wales or Northern Ireland should contact their awarding body for information on what support is available to them.

Lone Parents' Childcare Grant

In addition to the Lone Parents' Grant, undergraduate students can receive help of up to £1,215 for formal childcare costs such as childminders, after school clubs and providers of day care and pre-school education through the Lone Parents' Childcare Grant.

This grant will be assessed taking into account any payments received for childcare costs from other sources. You must have applied to SAAS for the Lone Parents' Grant before you can apply for this grant.

To apply for the Lone Parents' Childcare Grant, please -

1) Complete sections of the Lone Parents' Childcare Grant Application

2) Pass the application form to your Childcare provider to complete Section C to F

3) Send the completed form along with either a copy of your SAAS Award letter confirming that you have received the Lone Parents' Grant, or correspondence from SAAS confirming that you are a lone parent but have been unsuccessful in receiving a Lone Parents' Grant, to Scholarships and Student Funding Services at the address below. Please also include a copy of the contract with your childcare provider.


If you are successful, we will pay to your nominated bank account please use this link to add the details:   Finance - Add or Amend My Email Address or Bank Details on My Student Record - Self-Service Portal (



Once you have completed the form,  it has been signed and stamped by your childcare provider please submit all the relevant information to

Receiving funds

Awards are paid by BACS (Bankers' Automated Clearing Services).  If you are successful, Finance will process payment to your bank account.  You will be asked to provide these details via a link on the form.   It may take up to 10 working days for funds to reach your bank account.

Fraudulent Applications

If you submit an application or supporting documentation which we then discover to be fraudulent or if we receive any information about fraudulent applications, this will be addressed within regulations 12.4 of the Student Code of Conduct  any funds awarded will need to be paid back in full.  This includes not declaring all access to savings or bank accounts when applying for government funding.



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