Scholarships and Student Funding

BBSRC EASTBIO Doctoral Training Partnership

The BBSRC covers a wide range of disciplines including agriculture and food sciences, animal sciences, biochemistry and cell biology, biomolecular sciences, engineering and biological systems, genes and development biology, plant and microbial sciences.

BBSRC awards DTPs directly to universities, rather than to students, and therefore application should be made in response to advertised projects. A number of CASE studentships are also available. 

BBSRC’s guide to student eligibility for funding can be found at:


Most are full scholarships, paying tuition fees, some additional programme costs, and a stipend to cover living expenses . A small number are partial scholarships, paying tuition fees and additional programme costs and/or a contribution towards living expenses.


To be confirmed, though applicants looking for funding support should generally apply in November-December 2018.

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