Scholarships and Student Funding

Support for current students

Financial support is available to support students at the University of Edinburgh.

There may be times when you are finding it difficult to manage with your finances. Please don't worry about this on your own - we're here for you.

We have a selection of services that can support you if you are experiencing financial difficulties

Cost of living support

We know your financial challenges are greater than ever this year. Rising costs of bills, food and transport are affecting us all.

We have launched our cost of living information webpages for advice, support and information about what the University and the Students' Association is doing to help you save money.

Cost of living


Are you concerned about debt or debts? The Financial Support team provides free and confidential one-to-one guidance. The Student's Association's Advice Place can also offer impartial advice. 

The Advice Place

Financial support

We are keen to support you if are struggling financially. The Student Awards Agency Scotland and the University provide funding for those who are experiencing financial difficulties. The fund is open to all matriculated students who are struggling with their finances and need help. Be sure to check if you are eligible and remember to ask for help if you find yourself in financial difficulty.

The fund is means-tested, which means we will consider access to income and savings you have, to determine the amount of financial support you are eligible for.

There is a form you need to complete and with information to evidence your need. We know this can be a worrying time, so get in contact if you have any concerns about the application. This will all be in confidence.

How to apply

Please review and select the appropriate funding as outline below which will include a link to the application form.

Please ensure you have also read through the information provided before making an application, including what documentation to have ready when submitting your application. 

You may also wish to review our Budget Support page and Money Management Platform - Blackbullion

The Money Charity provide a Student Money Manual – an essential guide covering everything from budgeting to student finance and fees to making your money stretch further.

Funding for 2023/24