Good Citizen Guidelines reporting form

Use this form if you would like to report a concern about a person’s behaviour.

This form is for reporting a situation where you feel someone is intentionally or repeatedly failing to comply with guidelines relating to Covid-19 in a way that seriously compromises the safety of other members of the University community. For example, where a student has ignored requests to keep a safe distance from other people in class.

If you have an urgent or immediate concern for your safety or that of others, you should contact the emergency services by calling 999, or University Security on 0131 650 2257 (or 2222 from an internal telephone).

If you, or someone else, has symptoms of Covid-19, the recommendation is to get tested. Guidance on testing is available in the Health & Safety section of the University Covid-19 guidance. If you have other issues relating to Covid-19, you can contact instead of completing this form.

We will only be able to take action in response to a report where you have provided the name of the person involved. Where you have provided the name of a student and information which raises a concern about their compliance with Covid-19 safety guidelines, in most cases we will contact them to provide them with advice about expected behaviour during the pandemic. If the concerns raised are particularly serious (for example deliberately coughing or spitting at someone), we may decide to investigate under the Code of Student Conduct .

You do not have to provide your own contact details on the form if you do not wish to do so. However, please understand that we are unlikely to be able to consider taking action under the Code of Student Conduct regarding any report provided anonymously. We would only be able to provide advice about expected behaviour in these circumstances.

If you have provided us with your contact details, we may contact you for further information, and would need to inform the student of your name if we take action under the Code.

The information you provide will be handled in line with the University’s Privacy Notice regarding the Code of Student Conduct.


(e.g. programme of study, course, matriculation number)
What is the behaviour you have witnessed? When and where did it occur? Were there any other witnesses?
For example, have you or someone else spoken to the student about their behaviour?
Your Details (optional)
Please note that we may need to provide your name to the student if they request it.
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