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uCreate Studio supports RIE surgical printing

The Neurosurgery department of the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh is currently studying the benefits of using 3D printing in a medical context.

The uCreate studio staff were delighted to help when asked to make 3D prints of skulls, which would then assist in surgery. 


Example 3D Print

So far, the study is showing fascinating results. By using a 3D model as a reference, a surgeon can become familiar with a skull’s anatomy, which can be otherwise difficult to navigate. The model also allows a patient to understand the process of their surgery, and the risks that could be involved. The models can also be used for training, to show what different tumours look like and the variety of skull anatomies that exist.

It seems 3D printing can be a valuable resource for future surgeries. The uCreate studio was more than happy to help with our print services and we are excited to see what the future could hold for this study! One doctor involved commented, “This university resource has proved invaluable. Once the study comes to fruition, and there is hopefully a further evidenced demand for 3D printing in the medical field in general, we anticipate Doctors down the line consulting with uCreate staff to set up their own print farms even in hospitals!


Sophie Powell-Hall, MakerSpace Marketing Student Intern