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PG Online Learning Open Days

The Academic Support Librarian (ASL) team contributed to a successful Open Day for fully online postgraduate programmes on 26 and 27 May, our first time using the online EventsAir platform. 2,335 prospective students pre-registered for the PG Online Learning Open Day across all the available events. 

A woman sits in Holyrood Park, with Edinburgh Castle behind her to her left and Salisbury Crags her right, typing on a silver laptop which is placed on her lap.

Almost one thousand people (951) signed in to the event platform over the 2 days. There was a global spread of event attendees, with 201 from the UK, 135 from the EU, 94 the USA, 71 India, 39 Nigeria, 22 China and 359 Rest of the World. 

A team of six ASL colleagues delivered two online presentations introducing library services to a total of 48 students, and staffed an online exhibition booth over the two afternoon periods. Prospective students could also view videos and materials about the library.  Questions asked in the sessions included Which devices work well with online resources e.g. Kindle, iPad etc?, Is there Alumni access?, How does Library support publishing in open access journals?, When is Welcome Week?, Downloading ebooks – how long do you have access? and Is there access to other libraries?. At the booths, prospective students could request a text chat or video call with an ASL – questions they asked us included Does the Library bear the cost of open access publishing for its students?, What library resources and services are there for Veterinary medicine students? and When can an applicant can start using the library and what log in details do they use? Our next Open Days event will be for prospective undergraduates on 21-24th June, run in a similar way to the PG virtual open days. 

For more information about PG Open Days, please see the specific website.

Recordings of presentations will also become available on the website.

  Marshall Dozier and Christine Love-Rodgers, College Leads, Library Academic Support