Information Services

Enhancing EventsAir Across the University

ISG progresses with proposed improvements to large-scale online events platform

The University’s Information Services Group (ISG) is progressing a project designed to identify areas of improvement to the current EventsAir service, hosting large-scale digital events across the University. Following the successful implementation of the platform in February 2020, the ISG and key users identified a number of business led and technical enhancements to further embed and optimise use of the service.

Proposed areas for improvement include the payment process for attending paid events, system access controls using Single Sign-On authentication, understanding how the service could be enhanced in regards to functionality and reporting, sustainability and long term support of the service through ISG’s Applications Service Management and current levels of accessibility of the service.

Desktop screen of EventsAir platform

The benefits of this effort include the documentation of payment processes for all types, improved user experience through event attendance, improved system security through local University administrator authentication, documentation of additional functional and reporting requirements, enhanced service offerings for local event administrators, documentation of accessibility requirements and updated GDPR review.

This project is part of ISG’s broader, continual effort to support the EventsAir platform and its users, following its launch last year, by incorporating feedback from the EventsAir User Group and lessons learned from previous events into guidance, training and future optimisation projects.