Information Services

ISG Completes University Migration to Office365

ISG migrated the University community from Staffmail to Office365

The Information Services Group is approaching the final stages of a multi-year effort to migrate all University accounts from Staffmail to Office365. Beginning in 2015, with multiple iterations over the years, the team migrated University users across professional services, academics and students from Staffmail to Office365.

To date, the team has migrated over 25,000 members of the University community to Office365. The Staffmail service is due for decommissioning on the 31st of July and the migration to Office365 marks an upgrade in the service to consolidate email and diary services into a single platform, improve security options and integrate with collaborative tools. The robust email system offers a standarised and secure experience for users across all Office365 applications.

Throughout the upgrade the ISG central teams involved  – Apps Service Management, ITI Enterprise Unix, IS Helpline and Relationship Management – worked closely with local support teams across Colleges and Service Groups. Given the wide user base impacted and personal nature of the email experience, the service upgrade took a gradual approach that engaged with each School and their local IT support. The closure of the upgrade project is due in large part to the cooperation, patience and collegiate response from users across the University community.