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Library Research Resources for Climate Change

Information on two new collections within Library's data store on climate change, which is available to scientists and casual viewers around the world.

Lyell Collection 

Sir Charles Lyell (1797–1875) was a nineteenth century geologist who developed a pioneering theory of long-term climatic changes. The Lyell Collection at the University of Edinburgh is a vast and comprehensive collection of papers, correspondence, notes and drawings brought together between 1927 and 2020, which are complemented by a collection of around 150 geological specimens which can be found at the University of Edinburgh's Cockburn Geological Museum. All together these form one of the most comprehensive collections relating to nineteenth century science in the world. More information is available on the library webpages.

Climate Emergency LibGuide 

We have a new Library Subject guide on the topic of Climate Emergency which highlights academic and fiction books on the climate crisis as well as research databases and links to climate resources at the University of Edinburgh. This guide has been compiled by Maddie Cayley, a recent Geography graduate, as part of an internship with the Library Academic Support team. Find the guide on the library guide webpages.

Christine Love-Rodgers