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David Laing Book Collecting Prize

The University’s student book collecting prize is open to entries this semester, closing on 21st March. 

Every year £500 is awarded for a student collection of books (or any other printed or written items).  Theobject is to encourage collecting with purpose and enthusiasm; the prize is awarded on this basis, and has nothing to do with the monetary value or size of the collection. 

For the purposes of the prize, a collection must have at its core physical material with writing on it, in some form, and the text must be significant to the reason it has been collected.  The material may be printed, or handwritten, on any physical medium.  It may be supplemented with material in other formats.  Examples: books; printed ephemera; written manuscripts; objects which use text to convey a message, e.g. packaging, signs, games.  Excluded examples: art which consists solely of images; objects without text, or where it is incidental to the interest of the collection.    Many students do not know they are collectors, or are reticent about sharing their enthusiasm.  We are very keen to encourage entries, and would be grateful for publicity, especially where their studies are enriched by their collecting.    The prize is administered by the Centre for Research Collections.  Full information on how to enter is available on the CRC's David Laing Book Collecting Prize webpage.


David Laing Book Collecting Prize Poster 2022