Information Services

Worktribe Research Management Platform Recent Upgrade

The University completed a recent upgrade to the latest Worktribe V2021.1

The University utilises a cloud-based research administration management platform, Worktribe, for pre-award and post-award management. Pre-award is for collaborative bid development, allowing for a streamlined approvals process from submissions to award acceptance. Post-award enables tracking of project progress and key milestones.

The Worktribe company releases two major versions of the application per year. As a result, the University aims to remain within “touching distance” of the latest version released in order to take full advantage of the functionality and performance relating to key University business processes. This means never being more than one release behind Worktribe’s schedule. Maintaining an upgrade schedule aligned to latest releases ensures continued supplier support for Worktribe and allows users to benefits from upgraded features and bug fixes.

The most recent upgrade project from Worktribe V2020.7 to the latest V2021.1 was delivered in June 2021 just before the July version was made available. This effort required coordination within the People and Money community as well as the external supplier, Worktribe, to schedule and implement testing processes.

The next upgrade project to Worktribe V2021.7 will begin later this year.