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Services at the Centre for Research Collections have resumed!

The CRC Reading Room is now open and face to face services have resumed.

screen in the Centre for Research Collections

Services for 2021 at the Centre for Research Collections (CRC) have resumed!  See our Visitor Information page for more details.

The CRC provides ceiling-mounted and desktop visualisers for both live and pre-recorded teaching with collections, online and in person. These allow for multiple participants to view collection objects and texts up close in very fine detail that would be difficult to recreate in a normal lecture or consultation setting. 

The visualisers use their own software, readily installed on the PCs and are compatible with Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Enterprise. CRC staff can provide introductory training on equipment usage. 

Please direct any academic colleagues interested in using collections for teaching in 2021/22, to get in touch as soon as possible to ensure availability. 

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