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Scaling-up EUCLID fees and admissions processes for new EFI courses

University's student record system (EUCLID) to be scaled-up to support launch of new EFI courses

The University of Edinburgh’s student record system (EUCLID) is being enhanced to support the launch of an array of new course programmes.

Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) is preparing to introduce five new, career boosting courses for the academic year 2022/23 which will open for admissions early this year, with more programmes to follow.

It is hoped that 120 new students, including 85 overseas students, will be welcomed to the University and EFI to undertake these courses for 22/23 – with the number of students rising in subsequent years.

To support the launch, Information Services is making some vital improvements to the courses’ administration system in EUCLID.

This will provide a range of benefits to both prospective students and those who have been offered course places, as well as the University, by streamlining and overhauling fees structure and administration.

Arial view of Edinburgh
Aerial view of Edinburgh (Photo: Chris Close)

The enhancement project will ensure the new fee structure is clear to new applicants and presented in the same way as existing fees on the degree finder, and on their offer letters.

Domestic and international students studying online will be charged the appropriate fees. This will be achieved by amending the fee status algorithm so the correct fee status codes, which help designate how much students should be charged, are automatically assigned. 

Additionally, the project aims to review how the changes introduced can be further scaled-up to support bespoke admissions processes or ‘hybrid programmes’.

This will support students on the new programmes to switch between online and on-campus study.

Further programmes will be added by EFI in the future with the same fee structure.

Flexible management inbuilt in the changes will make sure that more EFI programmes can have this alternative, adaptable fee structure.

The project will also support a major revenue boost for the University – of £2.8 million expected in 22/23 and £5 million in 23/24 – by attracting new home and overseas students.

A second phase of this project will be launched and completed by summer 2022.

This will set up variable Invoiced at Course Level (ICL) course costs between programmes with different overall fees and will allow the handling of invoicing at course level for EFI online courses.