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Business School Customer Experience Improved with IRM

Areas of the Business School have aligned with the Industry Relationship Management Service to improve customer experience.

Business School, University of Edinburgh


To help improve customer experience, areas of the University’s Business School (Executive Education, Student Development and the Research Team) and relevant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data have been aligned to the Industry Relationship Management (IRM) system from the separate Salesforce system in the Business School.

The project was swift and successful, with all objectives delivered in December, before the expected closure date in mid-January. The team have also on-boarded the Events team to make use of the extensive Events functionality available with the IRM system.

Mette Cameron, Director of Marketing & Business Development ,and Business Sponsor for this project, said:

We are delighted to move across to IRM vs our prior set up of having our own Salesforce for the Business School. When we were previously using a separate system it meant that we were not always aware of contact being made by other parts of the institution and vice versa with our industry partners and customers. As more parts of the institution are using IRM, and in particular Edinburgh Innovations, then it will improve customer experience if we are all aware of the different touchpoints with our partners. This is particularly important to us as we look to upscale activity in terms of Business Engagement and Executive Education. Our Events team were previously also not on Salesforce but will be utilising IRM going forward as it is set up to cater to some of the requirements of this team.

These areas of the Business School will experience improvements, including enhanced business processes and greater efficiency for IT support from Service Management in ISG. There will also be an increase in overall savings. Using the IRM and Events functionality will mean a reduction in licence costs and savings from not requiring to develop events within the Business School Salesforce instance. There will be a greater awareness of industry engagement in other departments, benefitting both users and customers in the process.

To ensure that IRM is used to the fullest, all relevant teams within the Business School received in-house training with Senior CRM Service Manager, Alasdair MacLeod, making the on-boarding process as seamless as possible.

Joint Service Owners of the IRM, Catherine Hetherington and Dawn Dodd, said, “It is great to see the Business School on-boarding to the IRM. We are really proud that this service is continuing to grow with more areas benefitting from the ability to track the University’s collaboration with such a wide range of industrial partners.”

If you are interested joining or finding out more about our IRM service we have more information on our Industry Relationship Management (IRM) web pages.