Information Services

Social Responsibility and Sustainability Team Joins the IRM

The SRS team joins the University's Industry Relationship Management platform to track communication and engagement activities

The University Information Services Group (ISG) recently launched a project to begin onboarding the Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS) Team onto the University’s existing Industry Relationship Management (IRM) Salesforce platform.

Following the successful completion of the feasibility study to ensure the viability of onboarding SRS, the team is progressing with the transition to support SRS communication and engagement activities. The IRM will enable the SRS team to track progress on high-level commitments on social and civic responsibility (e.g. carbon reporting, Strategy 2030, 2016 Climate Strategy, 2019 Waste Strategy) and track student, staff, alumni and external engagements with the projects each commitment entails.

This project involves collaboration between ISG Service Management, Edinburgh Innovation and internal software development to transform SRS business requirements into a working IRM Salesforce configuration for the SRS team. The project is being managed within ISG Project Services Corporate Service Group (CSG) Portfolio.  The expected benefits of the transition include improved visibility and recording of engagements ‘journey’ with students, staff and other groups as well as gathering quantitative data to measure progress on several key University strategics. Further, the IRM data contributes to relevant high profile research within the University and supporting initiatives driving students to study sustainability and for staff to embed sustainability into their work.

The project teams aims to complete the onboarding by late November 2021 in time for the upcoming climate change summit.