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Adapting systems for the new student support model

The University of Edinburgh's (UoE) student records system (EUCLID) has been adapted in response to the new student support model rolled out across the UoE, which will bring a range of benefits to students, staff and data protection.

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The introduction of the new model of student support across the University had a number of implications for the student records system and its associated applications.

The Student Systems Partnership (SSP) was asked to adapt these systems to give appropriate access and functionality to the newly created wellbeing roles and support the overall implementation of the new student support model.

During the summer of 2022, the Student Systems Partnership (SSP) worked in close collaboration with the Student Support Project to deliver system changes that would help student and wellbeing advisors to perform their roles effectively.

These changes included creating new role groups to allow appropriate access to student profiles, developing a wellbeing dashboard in the Assessment Support Tool, and updating student-facing guidance content.

Both students and staff are expected to benefit from the new functionality and guidance:

· The new dashboard and EUCLID access rights will reduce the amount of time wellbeing roles spend locating relevant student information

· Refreshed guidance will increase the accuracy of information provided to students

· Updated data policies will significantly reduce the risk of data protection issues

Updating our critical systems infrastructure to support the £5 million investment in the new student support was an essential piece of the puzzle. The design, build and testing work carried out by Fergus, Edmund, Cinzia, Laura, Diane and Ewan will contribute hugely to the success of the new model for support. The Project Board and Project Team are very grateful for their expertise, input and guidance.

Mike GrieveDesign Lead for the Student Support Project

Future iterations of the project will likely bring further improvements over the coming academic years, as the student support model is implemented more widely.

For further information on the Student Support Project, visit:

Fergus Jack, Senior Business Analyst, SSP