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Dangerous Ideas and Cyber Security Come Together this August

The University is committed to remaining at the forefront of both cybersecurity and the ethical and creative use of data, with two ISG staff leading ground-breaking discussions at an ideas festival in August 2023.



"Take top academics, some dangerous ideas, add one comedian and it’s the force of nature that is the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas (CODI). Hosted by comedian Susan Morrison, and now in its eleventh year, CODI is sixty minutes of rapid-fire research from some of the finest minds in the country."

Cybercrime is not just for criminals


Cybersecurity expert Garry Scobie (The University of Edinburgh) asks whether the need to post about every aspect of our lives is making us all criminals? Is it a crime for parents to allow their children mobile phones with access to the internet?

If manufacturers knowingly sell insecure devices that give access inside our homes, is this a cybercrime?

Hackers are convicted for cybercrime. But should the collection and sale of personal data from social media be classed as a cybercrime?

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Can Data Unlock Creativity?


Nicola Osborne, Manager of the Institute for Design Informatics (The University of Edinburgh) explores the exciting potential and complex creative and ethical challenges of data and emerging technologies.

Did ChatGPT really write this show title? Over the last 5 years creatives across Edinburgh have been supported to experiment and create new ideas and businesses with data – from immersive artworks made from (ethically sourced) whale bones, to music generated by AI.  Nicola will share some of the incredible ways creative people are using data, technology and AI as raw materials to craft unexpected and inspiring new creative businesses.

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