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Online Learning at the University of Edinburgh - Growth and Milestones

The University is continuing to see a substantial increase in the demand for Online Learning and as a result has hit a significant milestone.

Online Learning at the University of Edinburgh

The University offers Online Learning in two primary forms; free short online courses (MOOCS) and online postgraduate degrees. Both these forms of learning are targeted at and reach a global audience.

In terms of MOOCS (massive open online courses), the University has - as of September 2021 - reached a total of four million course enrolments. This is a significant achievement in the history of the University and shows the success of our commitment to delivering a diverse range of short courses to a global student body. The University of Edinburgh remains the only university in the UK to partner with global online learning providers edX, Coursera and Future Learn.

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The demand for our online postgraduate degrees has also grown significantly in recent years, fuelled by learner demand for studying online. We are delighted to see such growth and hope that this trend continues well into the future.

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