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Supporting our new students - short transition courses

A suite of tailor-made short courses to support our new students with their preparations for studying at Edinburgh are now available. 

The courses, aimed at undergraduate students, will focus on online safety, wellbeing, library and digital skills, and academic communication. They have been designed to provide students with the skills and confidence needed for successful hybrid learning where courses and programmes can be taken online and on-campus by students working together as a single cohort of learners.

The courses were co-created by teams from across the University in partnership with Learning, Teaching and Web to rapidly create new courses and adapt existing ones in preparation for students starting the University in September 2020.

The courses are:

The Preparing for Study course has been created to provide students with guidance on core skills needed for successful learning at the University. During the course students will be encouraged to keep a reflective blog of experiences, aims and expectations, as well as considering their digital safety and wellbeing.

The LibSmart: Your Library Research Starts Here course aims to ensure that students are equipped with the digital skills to use the library resources for their studies and research. During the course students will learn core information literacy skills and explore their own subject pathway and information landscape.  

The Successful Academic Communications course will help students build confidence in their use of academic English for university study.  Through interactive videoed lectures and self-study tasks, students will learn how to investigate their lecturers’ expectations and develop the critical reading and writing skills needed to have their voice heard.   

The Digital Skills Awareness course provides foundation level digital skills that students will need for successful learning at the University. During the course students are introduced to topics at a beginner level and provided with additional sources for further digital skills development

Similar courses are being developed for postgraduate students.

More information can be found on our hybrid learning page.