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Dual Award Success for EDINA 

Two EDINA services have recently received award recognition; Digimap for Schools and Noteable. Noteable being a finalist in the Digital Education Awards for STEAM product of the year and the EDINA Digimap for Schools being a featured product in the Edtech 50 Awards Yearbook 2021. Both of these services focus on providing students and pupils with the key data and digital skills they will need if they are to be “future-proofed” for the workplace of tomorrow. 

Digimap for Schools 

Edtech 50 Award logo, a yellow badge with red and black text on it which reads "Edtech UK Edtech 50 Award 2021/22 Trusted by Educators"

Digimap for schools is the “sister” service to EDINA’s flagship Digimap service. The service is now in use in over 3800 UK schools and allows pupils to develop their spatial data interpretation skills.  

The project team believes that in future, continued close collaboration with the Geospatial Commission, a key stakeholder, and data providers Ordnance Survey, Collins Bartholomew Getmapping and the National Library of Scotland will not only see the service stay relevant, but build on its existent success 

Digimap for schools was a featured product in the Edtech 50 awards, a celebration of the people, products and organisations shaping the use of education technology across the UK, highlighting the sector-leading success of the project.  









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EDINA collaborated to develop Noteable, a cloud-based computational notebook, with ITI and LTW in 2018. Currently the service has over ten-thousand users at the University of Edinburgh, being used extensively in science, maths and the business.  Noteable is also utilised by Queens University Belfast, King's College London and the University of Bristol to teach Law, Geosciences and Computing. 

Perhaps even more promising is that since the start of the year, thanks to EDINA’s collaboration with Education Scotland, Noteable is now available to all Scottish school pupils. As a result of this, Scottish teachers are now using Noteable to teach coding throughout the region. In the future, Noteable will be used as part of the new data skills qualifications and to teach a range of topics including; computing science, mathematics, and cyber security. EDINA are confident that in the years to come, Noteable will play an important role in providing all Scottish pupils and students the opportunity to learn vital data and digital skills.  

Recognising the recent success of the service as well as the promise it has for the future, Noteable was a finalist for STEAM Learning Product of the Year; an award which recognises science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) learning products that provide students with the skills to think critically and analyse problems.