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Lunchtime Seminar, 14th May 2024: What can PMO do for you?

The Applications Directorate run a programme of Lunchtime Seminars to update University colleagues on the work that we do and services we provide. They have a hybrid attendance, with both in-person and online options, being great for communications and sharing of information among colleagues.

The 14th May saw the latest in the series of lunchtime seminar programme from Applications Directorate. Led by PMO, it was called, ‘What can PMO do for you?’, widening their awareness and focusing on what they offer.

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The seminar began with introductions of the PMO Team, including new starters in July. Rhian Davies, Head of PMO, included a brilliant talk on the history of the Team and the change in its community. ‘I wanted to put a structure in place,’ Rhian said when she started as Head of PMO, ‘to create a more organised way of working’, developing new frameworks and methodologies in 2005 to support project management across the University from 2009. These insights into the history of PMO were fascinating the learn and delve into, creating a broader insight of project management across Applications.

PMO's purpose on a presentation slide

Steph Ruthven and Dawn Holmes, Senior PMO Analysts, went into detail about how PMO can help with your projects, whether it be support with project method frameworks, or providing training and consultancy. Steph in particular discussed the tools available for use, including the Project Management website and newly-implemented Miro, while Dawn showed the variety of training, both scheduled and on-demand, available. Various resources and support are available, extending from Unitemps for employing student interns to 1:1 formal advice for taking certain qualifications, so check them out if you’re a future project manager.

Extending the wide variety of resources available, Rhian Davies ended the seminar by detailing the University’s partnership with the Association for Project Management (APM). In addition to PMO’s training and support, APM was highlighted as having a diverse array of free and easily-accessible resources, events, and professional development services.

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