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ISG May Reading group

The Reading Group's next meeting will discuss intergenerationalism in the workplace

ISG Reading Group

ISG Reading Group’s next meet-up will be on Wednesday 15th May from 12.30-1.30pm. Following members’ preferences, the session will be run hybrid both on Teams and in-person in Meeting Room 6 on Floor E. Tea/coffee and biscuits will be provided for in-person attendees, so where possible, please do come along in-person!

The topic for this month will be Working in Intergenerational Teams. We’ll be discussing what the different generations are, where they come from, and what characteristics are attributed to them.

We will then talk about how generational stereotypes form and discuss ways of working together to overcome them – how can we ensure we are being inclusive and working well together?

There are some interesting articles and infographics on the ⁠resource list for you to look at. They include fascinating research that disproves many of the differences between generations, as well as some contrasting literature, showing that some generational traits are rooted in sociological research. As always, there is no pressure to read all the resources - they are there for interest.

We also want to emphasise that this is a safe space: we will be guiding the conversation to centre on what the literature says about generational differences and how we can utilise these to work well together, rather than focusing on individual stereotypes. We also encourage colleagues of any age to come along, as it is important to us that different generations are represented during our discussion.

We hope to see you there! Join the Teams channel to get the calendar invitation.

Katie Grieve, Data and Equality Officer, LTW