Information Services

July 2024 Disaster Recovery Test on EUCLID

Teams across Information Services plan for a successful delivery for the 2024 Disaster Recovery Test on EUCLID.

Since the 2022-23 academic year, the University has annually undergone a Disaster Recovery Test on one of the University’s priority platforms, with the successful DR test of the MyEd Portal last year.

System Administrator or Sysadmin Character Servicing Server Racks with Burning Fire inside

The goals of the DR tests are to check the recovery process, procedures and increase our understanding and knowledge of recovering these different systems. The DR event is also used to mitigate against data loss, ensure a timely restoration of our critical services following a disaster and assess post-interruption continuity.

This year, EUCLID is the target service, with the proposed window for the Disaster Recovery event being either the end of June or first week of July.

To ensure a smooth running of the test, a number of Teams from Information Services will be involved, including:

  • Production Management
  • Development Services
  • IT Infrastructure

This test will not impact EUCLID for users, being only on the TEST, not LIVE, environment.

Find out more about the successful 2023 test here.