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New Open Content library subject guide

By Christine Love-Rodgers, Library Academic Support Team

open educational resources: books, laptops and content all connected with arrows
OER is sharing, by Giulia Forsythe, licensed CC0

This month we’ve published a new library subject guide: Open Content. This guide brings together information about Open Access Resources and Open Educational Resources. It aims to make Open Access resources easier to find and use for study, teaching and research. It was created as a collaborative project between colleagues in the Library Academic Support, Scholarly Communications and the Open Educational Resources team.

The guide includes pages for open books, journals, film and video, images, theses and dissertations, and features the open content in our own University collections as well as other open content sources worldwide. Each section has tips and tools to search effectively for open content using DiscoverEd and Google Scholar. The guide also highlights University services supporting open content, and links to our services which help users publish open research.