Information Services

Migration of users onto the University Miro supported service.

Over 2,740 users of Miro to be migrated over the next month onto the new University centrally-supported licence, improving opportunities and access for all.

Miro is a highly popular, real-time digital ‘whiteboard’ collaborative platform that supports cross-functional teamwork. It has been adopted and used extensively within ECA (Edinburgh College of Art) and CAHSS (College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences) since August 2021.

Miro Migration

In response to the ever-increasing demand from users within other areas of the University, Information Services have negotiated a campus agreement with Miro to deliver a centrally-supported service. During February, as part of the service implementation, over 2,740 staff and student users will be migrated onto the new Miro University-managed service. Most of these users signed up for Miro prior to the new University agreement, which meant their use of the tool was restricted, including being limited in the number of collaborative boards they could access. The central service will deliver an enhanced experience for users, as it will provide more services, including advanced user management and permissions, and access to Enterprise-only integrations.

In addition to the migration of existing Miro users onto the new University service, information security will be reviewed to ensure that the University is using Miro in a secure environment. As part of the service implementation work, the available integrations with Jira, Teams, and Zoom will also be evaluated.

To log on, use your username for single sign-on (SSO) via Shibboleth.

Find out more about Miro at The University of Edinburgh here