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Eventbrite partnership brings fantastic new opportunities for the Events Management Community.

In November 2023, ISG negotiated a new partnership with Eventbrite, bringing exciting opportunities for the Events Management Community (EMC).

Eventbrite plays a key role in the organisation and communication of many of the events run by the University. Service Management with Applications Directorate have recently negotiated a partnership agreement between Eventbrite and Information Services, resulting in a new centrally-run Eventbrite service to benefit the Events Management Community (EMC). Not only will it unify support and communication for EMC planners, making it easier to target specific audiences for certain events, it will also provide improvements to data security.

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The ability to organise events with unlimited free tickets is just one of the fantastic new benefits for the EMC, saving costs for both event planners and attendees. ‘Pay for Ticket’ events will also have reduced commission fees, further improving cost savings for EMC members. In August 2023, Eventbrite announced that event organisers would be charged for events with over 25 attendees, however, feedback from EMC has driven the negotiations for this new partnership. These new changes are therefore very exciting and will make University of Edinburgh events accessible to a much wider audience, as well as improving communications.

This exciting partnership with Eventbrite will be an excellent opportunity for the University of Edinburgh EMC to make cost savings, share best practice, and improve the Eventbrite service quality both to event registrants and internal colleagues, allowing us to showcase all of our wonderful and exciting events and activities to a wider audience going forward.

Sandra StirlingBusiness Lead

The new service will organise University event accounts under a central account. As the project is also being assisted by colleagues in Finance, processing of event fees from ticket sales will be included as part of the service. Eventbrite service delivered by mid-April this year. The implementation project team are working closely with a user group of existing Eventbrite users from the EMC to help shape the new service, ensuring events planners and attendees feel comfortable with the changes.

At this stage, Eventbrite will not replace the existing Event booking system for the University. However, better reporting from Eventbrite will help to inform future decisions on Event Management systems.

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For more information and FAQs on this new partnership, click Here.