Information Services

Improving Digital Scholarship at the University

The ISG recently completed an analysis project to provide the Digital Library Board with recommendations for improving resource accessibility and enhancing digital scholarship

The recent project with the Digital Library Programme focused on improving ease of access to library databases and online data sets and providing clarity for members of the University community on how to utilise the resources for research and digital scholarship.

The Information Services (IS) project team completed a business analysis project to review the current state of access and provide formal recommendations for improvement to the Digital Library Board, comprised of senior leaders from the University Library.  The aim of the project was to ensure users are able to locate content in an efficient, standardised manner. A streamlined process for locating online materials increases users’ confidence in their abilities and the resources available while minimising time spent duplicating efforts. 

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The approach for the project included identifying how to improve and streamline access as well as how to articulate the resources available for learning, teaching and research in the context of improving consistent workflows and processes within the Digital Library system.

The project process included researching, understanding and cataloguing user journeys to find, explore and discover data, e-resources and collections within the Library databases. Analysis also consisted of identifying existing databases, documenting use cases and workflows and recording the as-is state of how resources are used in digital research. This analysis informed the development of recommendations for future improvements related to discoverability, database management, content analysis, data sharing and user education and guidance.

The completed business analysis enables the Library & University Collections teams to improve user journeys in accessing the appropriate digital library resources to aid in their knowledge and insight for teaching, learning and research across the University.

Recommendations were successfully presented at a virtual meeting with the Digital Library Board. The recommendations will now be considered and prioritised for appropriate resourcing. A further project will be initiated, if necessary, to support implementation of any recommended business requirements.