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Create interactive teaching materials with ThingLink

The University of Edinburgh has acquired ThingLink licences for staff.

Are you looking for a way to create interactive materials for teaching? You can now join the University’s ThingLink licence and start exploring the many ways you can turn any digital assets into a ThingLink. ThingLink is a website and app-based program for annotating digital items to make your content more engaging and interactive. It works by allowing you to add icons or 'tags' to your digital item.

As you can insert ThingLinks into virtually any digital asset, you can make your ThingLink material as simple or as layered as required. Common uses include taking an existing image and providing detailed explanations by embedding video, text, audio, infographics, and so on.

How can ThingLink be used in teaching?

Here’s an example where the base image has several ThingLinks embedded. You can tag any type of media including your own or external videos, audio narrations, texts, etc. ThingLinks can be particularly useful for explaining complex concepts as you can position your tags directly on the relevant area of the image. 


Source: ThingLink,

Situation-based learning with ThingLink

You can create complex situation-based learning using the ThingLink Scenario Builder to create branching scenarios with learning checkpoints that give students an opportunity to practice responding simulations that closely match what they may experience in real life for deeper insights into actions and consequences in the given environment. Visit ThingLink support pages for an introduction to Scenario Builder or interact with some examples of ThingLink virtual tours in a ThingLink blog post.  

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The Online Course Production Service is looking after the University’s ThingLink licences. Contact us by email with any feedback or support requirements.

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