Information Services

Introduction to ThingLink

A brief description of ThingLink and how it works.

What is ThingLink?

ThingLink is a website and app-based program for annotating digital items to make your content more engaging and interactive. It works by allowing you to add icons or 'tags' to your digital item which can pull in rich media. Tags can be added to images, videos, or 360-degree VR shots which will then allow you to embed texts, record an audio note, or paste a link in from an external source. Your completed ThingLink projects can be easily shared as a link that will open in a browser.  No account is needed to open a shared link. 

Staff commonly use ThingLink to visualise complex concepts and produce interactive resources that promote deeper learning experiences for learners. You may also want to design projects with this tool to encourage your students to incorporate varying sources of information into their work. 

ThingLink examples

Click on the tags (i.e., star icon in this example) to reveal embedded information.


Common uses of ThingLink

  • Add text to an image or graphic to provide additional information.
  • Add audio annotations to image or video.
  • Create multilayered interactive resources, manuals, and instructions.
  • Create roadmaps or walkthroughs using a combination of texts, audio, and videos.