Information Services

Implementing A Cloud-Based Delivered Catering System

The University is moving forward with updating its Delivered Catering system to meet customer demands and offer a seamless online ordering experience.

The Accommodation, Catering and Events (ACE) team and the Information Services Group (ISG) are working together to implement a cloud-based Delivered Catering system. This new system will allow ACE to provide a Delivered Catering service according to their vision.

The requirements for the system include the ability to advertise and order a range of food and drink online, to invoice automatically through an integration with the People and Money system and to manage customer information and transaction activity.  With the procurement secured, the next stage focuses on the implementation of the new system and its subsequent launch across the University.

The new system offers many new features and functionality that will improve and modernize the customer experience whilst streamlining and enhancing multiple back office processes that will simplify the operational logistics.   The new system will also give customers a choice of service styles by introducing a ‘served’ range of menus which will sit alongside the existing ‘drop and go’ range,

Rae ConnHead of Catering Operations (Campus, Events & Systems), Accommodation, Catering and Events ​​​

With the accelerated customer demand for a technology led experience the new cloud-based system will provide a seamless online ordering experience for all users.