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It just keeps getting better: EMC and EventMAP

On 16th April 2024, the Timetabling Team held a demonstration to Events Management Community members of the new EventMAP Booker system.

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Replacing the University’s old room booking system is EventMAP, a new service for booking rooms centrally in a much more user-friendly way. As this is important to the event organisers of the Events Management Community (EMC), Service Management arranged a demonstration and Q&A session with the Timetabling Team. Delivered by Paul Rickard, Ben Poots and Neal Beaton from the Timetabling Team, the session was such an interesting and informative experience, showing how the EMC specifically can benefit.

The new system can be used from July and includes features such as interactive maps and room photos. This will support hybrid-working, as event organisers no longer need to check room size and suitability in-person. The size of the membership of the EMC means that this is of particular benefit, and something that can be used to the fullest. Additionally, EventMAP shows which rooms allow catering, helping EMC organisers in knowing where large, catered events can be held. These new features will help EMC event planners know where and when to host an event swiftly and efficiently.

If you couldn’t make the session, or would like to know more about what the EMC gets up to behind the scenes, you can find the link here (SharePoint). The team were able to gain feedback through the Q&A, with many questions on how the system can benefit the EMC specifically, including organising catering while also booking a room, being answered and considered for future changes. So be sure to check out the Q&A (starting at 40 minutes 15 seconds) as well as the demo.

The attendance of the Events Management Community, to hear all about the new EventMAP Booker system, was exceptional. The community can be counted upon to engage wholeheartedly with these events and we welcome any suggestions for future topics to present to the EMC.

Catherine Hetherington and Dawn DoddCollaboration Services Managers

Look out for more EMC events in the future, not to mention an exciting new opportunity on 29 May to introduce newer EMC members to the Hospitality Collection and Pollock Estate by attending an in-person tour and info session. Keep an eye out in the Teams group!

If you have any questions about the recording, or are interested in joining the EMC, then please send them to Catherine Hetherington ( and Dawn Dodd (