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Supporting the University web estate

As the Covid-19 crisis moves more of our services than ever online, our web estate has become the primary public face of the University. Ensuring the quality, trustworthiness and accessibility of our websites has never been more important.

As the Covid-19 crisis moves more of our services than ever online, our web estate has become the primary public face of the University. Ensuring the quality, trustworthiness and accessibility of our websites has never been more important.  

A practical and ethical approach to web accessibility

We want to help our devolved web community improve the accessibility of their websites this summer. To ensure inclusivity for all our users, and to help us stay the right side of recent legislation, we believe it is both practical and ethical to focus on the following: 

  • Publishing “best effort” accessibility statements 

  • Identifying and fixing high-priority accessibility problems. 

More details, alongside links to more information on training, support and resources are published in the Website & Communications section blog.

Taking responsibility for Web Accessibility - Jonathan Trout's, Head of Web Strategy, blog post.

Respecting the privacy of our web visitors 

Continuing our efforts to reduce the risks around capturing and storing user privacy-invasive data, a comprehensive set of guidance and support materials has been published. These apply every website owned or hosted by the University, whether on the central CMS, EdWeb, or otherwise. 

The areas covered are: 

  • Privacy notices 

  • Cookie consent compliance 

The full approach, links to guidance and resources are published in the Website & Communications section blog.

Respecting the privacy of University websites’ visitors across the estate - Stratos Filalithis', Head of Website & Communication Technologies, blog post.