Information Services

Global OER Award for ISG

ISG has won a global Open Education Award in the 2021 Open Education Awards for Excellence.

A screenshot of the University of Edinburgh Open.Ed website.

The Open Repository Award for Excellence was presented to the ISG OER service in partnership with the Geoscience’s Outreach course. Students have curated an exceptional collection of high quality OERs into an accessible collection on the Times Education Supplement resources site for teachers. This curated collection now consists of 59 OERs, packaged to meet the needs of teachers on wide ranging scientific topics for ages 3-18.  The course mainstreams OER creation and open community engagement within the curriculum, providing students with an opportunity to gain experience of science outreach and public engagement. 

The Open Repository Award for Excellence is presented to an exceptional collection of high-quality OER presented after a curation process. More than merely collecting content on a specific subject, strong curation involves carefully selecting content and evaluating it for a specific purpose. Presenting it in a meaningful and organized way that can then be customized and re-shared for future users.

Melissa Highton, Director of LTW said, “We are proud that this collection actions the University of Edinburgh’s vision, purpose and values; to discover knowledge, make the world a better place, and ensure our teaching and research is diverse, inclusive, accessible to all and relevant to society.”

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