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Celebrating the Digital Library Programme

The University's Digital Library Programme progresses with accomplishing incremental projects designed to support digital scholarship and improve accessibility of online digitised collections

The University’s Digital Library Programme, a robust partnership within ISG’s Project Services and Digital Library teams focuses on developing the infrastructure to support digital scholarship activities and long-term access to large-scale digitised collections and content.

Since its launch in October 2018 the programme has been devoted to implementing a number of projects to accomplish its vision of establishing Edinburgh as a “leading university in the provision of easily accessible digital collections, to be widely used in supporting creative learning, teaching and research.”

The programme’s unique approach includes splitting broad projects into separate, incremental projects, typically divided by analysis, procurement and implementation stages to build off of lessons learned and leverage shared knowledge. Learn more about the projects accomplished and those up ahead by visiting our recent IS Apps Blog post on the programme: Recognising the Success of the Digital Library Programme | Information Services Applications Directorate Blog