Information Services

One place for all: New central intranet for all ISG information.

A new centralised intranet to make inductions, communications, and finding information for current and new ISG staff easier.

As part of the University’s Digital Strategy, a new intranet for the Information Services Group (ISG) aims to centralise and consolidate all information currently stored in various locations. This layout will make it easier for new staff and student interns to get familiar with their new role, and for everyone to only need to go to one location to find what they need.

In this intranet, current ISG staff, student interns, and new starters can find information about:

  • ISG, its directorates, and the services they provide that are relevant to all ISG staff
  • Internal communications directed at ISG staff (including the ISG Staff Newsletter and ISG Staff Events).

With nearly 800 staff working across nine directorates, a wide variety of communications and information has sometimes led to ineffective internal communications and engagement. A lot of information has been stored in multiple locations, making it confusing, especially for new starters and student interns, as to where to look to find whatever is needed. This project will therefore change where staff will look for ISG-relevant information, making it more intuitive, user friendly, and overall improving their experience.

The project is engaging with representatives from all directorates to ensure their requirements and user journeys are understood when building the structure of the new intranet. Additionally, due to large amounts of content in various locations which needs to be audited before it can be moved, the project will be delivered through phases to ensure it is done effectively with few potential risks.

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