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Student Records system Data Future(s) proofed

The Student Record system EUCLID has been restructured to augment the return of University of Edinburgh (UoE) data as part of a transformational, UK-wide project.

Students at the University of Edinburgh's School of Engineering

The University is an active member of the Data Futures project – a sector-wide transformation programme to facilitate in-year data collection, assurance and dissemination of higher education (HE) data, which is led by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

Consequently, the University is legally obliged to provide returns of data to the project and the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) as a condition of our public funding.

This data is then used to inform decision making and regulation and provide improved management information in the higher education sector across Scotland and the UK.

Due to changes in the Data Futures programme for producing HESA student returns, UoE has launched a series of projects to adapt to these developments.

The latest in these UoE projects, revamping what is known as the Academic Model work stream, has now been successfully implemented and completed.

This Model represents the University’s programme and course curricula, and the work stream focuses on changing the management of curriculum data in the background of our Student Record system.

As part of this project, reference data in multiple student records tables have been updated, and the complexity of background student records keeping has been reduced.

Student records themselves have also been updated as part of this project’s progress to ensure students are assigned to the correct programme in the new structure. And this was achieved with no material impact to students.

Diagram showing the overarching Academic Model restructure
Diagram showing the overarching Academic Model restructure

To achieve this the project has modified the model from a ‘bucket’ model used in EUCLID to a 1:1 model (please see diagram (right) for a graphic representation of this process).

Franck Bergeret, Student Systems Partnership programme manager, said: “By changing our programme related data model, including students enrolled on those programmes, the University will move closer to an ‘out of the box’ solution from the Student Record system supplier Tribal.

“This supports the delivery of Data Futures new in year return but will also improve the data quality of the student record and future proof for future changes to the system environment.”

For more information on the implementation and technical aspects of this project visit the Student Analytics SharePoint pages here: - Academic Model Project - Academic Model Restructure