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An Edinburgh Model for Teaching Online (2021)

We are pleased that we can again offer the popular 4 week teaching programme, An Edinburgh Model for Teaching Online, created in partnership between the Centre for Research in Digital Education and ISG. The course, which was recognised in a Principals Medal in 2020, is designed to provide participants with a research-led learning experience in a model of online teaching distilled from the ongoing body of online programmes at the University of Edinburgh. 

A cartoon image of a woman sitting down on a laptop, circling her are icons representing text boxes, the worldwide web logo, a book and a lighbulb
The course explores key concepts in online teaching such as transactional distance, presence, contact, and time. Additionally, the course explores many of the technologies that the university supports and provides you with an opportunity to reflect on how you might integrate these into your own teaching.  
It isn't a 'how to' course in terms of showing you all the functionality of a technology, rather it provides materials to help you think about pedagogy, building community online, and teacher presence. It also gives you a chance to see all of this as a student might. 
Over the four weeks we will explore three key areas: online teaching spaces, engaged online teaching, and engaged learning communities. To get the most out of the course, learners could spend up to three hours of student engagement per module. The amount of time you spend on the course is up to you so you could choose to spend more or less time per module depending on what you would like to get from the course.   
The course is offered online via Learn, is open to all University of Edinburgh colleagues and the 4 week programme will start on the 19th July and again on the 16th August 2021.  
To book your place visit the relevant events.ed webpage.