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We Need You! Help update the Committees Intranet Solution

University staff are asked to share their needs and ideas to help update the Committees Intranet solution with workshops coming soon.

Committee workshops

Introduced in 2016, the Committees Intranet solution is a restricted document and content management system hosted on Microsoft SharePoint. This secure storage holds information and papers created by the University Committees, who can also use the solution to publish to their websites.   

The time has come to refresh the solution and implement key updates, as new Committees and Groups have been introduced and administration has advanced in recent years.  

To achieve this, project organisers are seeking a group of users from across the University to provide feedback on their requirements for the intranet. This will help develop a modernised solution that has the most up-to-date components, stronger data security, and a better user experience.  

User feedback has indicated that improved guidance would be beneficial on how to use the Intranet Solution, for more efficient web publishing and uploading. This guidance will be developed alongside refined site administration for Committee Secretaries and access to papers for Committee Members.   

These developments will create a more stable solution that is capable of handling software changes, in a more modern web environment. Re-vamping the solution will also enable better time and resource management by automating and standardising the site creation process, removing the need for manual creation through IS Helpline.  

Workshops coming soon

If you are interested in sharing your suggestions and feedback drop a message to:
Project Manager, Colin O’Sullivan - Colin.O'