Information Services

Finance Flows: University Invoice Email Automation

As part of a wider project to make finance processes easier, this project automated incoming emails detailing relevant invoices for the entire University.

In collaboration with the finance department, Information Services have implemented two main processes to reduce workload on relevant staff and by extension improve customer service. The automation of incoming email invoices is the first of these processes.

In the past, finance processing of University invoices were organised and processed manually, from receiving the email to entering the details into People and Money’s Finance system. With several complex steps involved, system delays in processing emails were common, taking up almost the equivalent of half a person’s work every week. The implementation of the AP Invoice Email router, however, makes invoice processing to People and Money much more efficient. All relevant incoming invoices are automatically forwarded to People and Money with no manual intervention necessary, reducing overall processing time, saving work time for staff, and improving customer service.

 Power Apps Automation (the automated integration tool), used to create the AP Invoice Email router, means that supplier invoices received are posted and processed through to payment in real-time scenarios.

Lorraine HyslopFunctional lead for implementation of this process into People and Money

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